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From 15 per person

"Simple and quick hiking insurance"

Hiking insurance is intended for those doing the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage
starting from Puy-en-Velay.

Alone, with friends or family.

avance des frais médicaux

Advance for medical expenses

In the event of the beneficiary being hospitalized abroad as a result of a serious bodily injury and if they are not affiliated with any social security scheme or pension or insurance organization, Saint-Christophe Mutual Assistance will advance the medical and surgical expenses prescribed by any medical authority on behalf of the policy holder and in agreement with the latter. Saint-Christophe Mutual Assistance assumes this responsibility to allow for the immediate admission of the beneficiary to a hospital while reserving the right to verify the policy holder's grade of beneficiary with the insurance company.
The direct payment cap is set at €30,000 per beneficiary.

Rapatriement en cas de problème lors d'une randonnée

Medical repatriation

In the event of serious bodily injury, the physicians of Saint-Christophe Mutual Assistance will contact the attending doctors  on-site and make the decisions that best suit the beneficiary's condition based on information gathered and medical requirements alone. If the medical team of Saint-Christophe Mutual Assistance advises the repatriation of the beneficiary, Saint-Christophe Mutual Assistance will organize and handle this according to those medical requirements deemed appropriate by its medical team. The repatriation destination will be the hospital best suited for the situation.

Assurances randonneurs couvrent les frais d'hospitalisation d'urgence

Insurance of emergency hospitalization medical expenses

The beneficiary is guaranteed the reimbursement of their medical and/or hospitalization expenses following a serious bodily injury which occurred and was witnessed outside their home country during the guarantees' validity period, and they remain their responsibility after the intervention of Social Security, their supplementary health scheme and/or any other individual or collective insurance organization from which they benefit.

En cas de rapatriement, accompagnements des enfants mineurs

Accompaniment of minors

If the person(s) accompanying minors is(are) unable to care for them as a result of sickness, accident or death, Saint-Christophe Mutual Assistance will organize and provide a person that resides in mainland France and has been designated by the family with a round-trip economy class airline ticket or a first class train ticket, so that the person can come to get and take the children back home. In the event that none of the people mentioned below can be contacted or they themselves cannot make the trip, Saint-Christophe Mutual Assistance will send a hostess to take care of the children and bring them to the person designated by the beneficiary.

Simple and quick hiking insurance
15 per person
For a trip of
- than 15 days
25 per person
For a trip of
+ than 15 days